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Desserts and Beverages:

Desserts and Pastries

Gourmet Dessert Bars:
Lemon bars, chocolate raspberry bash, pecan-chocolate chunk and meltaways.
> $2.50 per person

Chocolate Walnut Brownies:
> $1.95 per person

Gourmet Cookie Array:
Chocolate peanut butter, chocolate truffle chip and macadamia nut.
> $1.95 per person

Hot Cobblers with Ice Cream:
Your choice of peach, apple, blackberry cherry, or strawberry.
> $1.95 per person

Mini Cheese Cake Array:
Glazed Mandarin orange with cherry and kiwi, wild blueberry topped, strawberry topped, hazelnut and almond.
> $2.50 per person


Gourmet Coffee Station:
Choice of Gourmet Coffee served with international creamers, and condiments served in Irish Mugs.
> $2.25 per person

Iced Beverages:
Sweetened or unsweetened iced tea is available at $5.25 per gallon.
Specialty teas such as raspberry, peach or sunkist are available at $7.25 per gallon

Raspberry Lemonade $7.75 per gallon

Juice Selections:
> $1.95 per bottle

Soft Drinks:
> $1.50 per can

Bottled Water: (flavored or regular)
> $1.95 per bottle

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